TOK/EE Assistance

About TOK/EE Assistance

The programs are responsible for helping, guiding & mentoring the students to improve academic subject skills and knowledge through Academic support & training, Assessments frequency and Types, Scheduling & Structuring of session hours, Test Readiness and Remedial session requirements.


  • Appt Setting with Academic Advisor
  • Online/F2F 30 mins Initial Consulting & Assessment session
  • Scheduling of subject Diagnostic Test
  • Analysis & Debriefing of the DT results
  • Enrolment Formalities & Payment of Fees
  • Individualised Study plan
  • Start with Tutoring Sessions
  • Learning Process Mastery
  • Final Assessment & Test taking

Course Details

  • One-to-One/Batch of 3
  • Online /offline Delivery
  • Topic Testing, Chapter Testing , Full length Testing
  • AP / Edexcel – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, English
  • Intake Months- April-July, August-October
  • TOK- Reviewing & Editing (All subjects) – Essay & Presentation, 10-12 hours, Online EE Assistance- Reviewing & Editing (Sciences, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts & Literature) –15-20 hours, Online Research Paper Reviewing & Editing – As per requirement

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