I have studied in the National Boards. Is it true that students applying from the National boards are not given priority in the foreign universities?

Not True. Universities do not review your board type at all. They look for the required number of credits and subjects studied.

Can I cope with education abroad?

Yes and joyfully.

What are credits?

Credits are a form of standards where the number of hours spent per Subject/Term/Semester & Year is calculated.

Are credits different in every country?

True. Each country has their own way of calculating the credit hour equivalence.

My results are quite poor. Will I still be able to avail scholarships?

Not True. Scholarships are supposed to be earned and are not gifted. The global universities are flexible in offering scholarships and have several criteria requirements to grant the same. So you can be lucky though the amount might differ as per your expectations.

I am a star in Academics but I do not have an impressive profile. Do I get to go to the best of the universities?

A star in academics does not necessarily qualify you for admissions if you not equally well- equipped with a holistic profile, there are chances of getting rejected.

Which is more important – weighted or unweighted scores?

Unweighted Scores

What does the Admission Team ask in the interview?

About you and only you – Not your academic grades/scores.

When do I start building my profile and in what ways ?

A student should start from 8th grade onwards irrespective of any board of study. Each activity needs to be carefully planned from a beginner to an advanced level with each grade to create an impressive learning, application and certain degree of proficiency. There are almost 10 different kinds of activities that one must do- Academic Honors, Clubs, Sports, Liberal Arts, Writing, Research & Presentations, Life Skills etc.

So does Qubic Learning Institute assist you ? Till when ?

From 8th grade onwards…we offer end-to-end services TILL College admission and Beyond under one roof You can set-up an 30 minute free Consultation with our Counsellor.

Study abroad programs are not very affordable.

Not True. One of the analogies can be summed up like this- expenses are directly proportional to your remuneration. Accordingly, it is important that fees should be compared to ROI i.e. remuneration. Secondly, a holistic education with 21st century skill-set is demand of the job market with high salaries in various sectors.

What is my job perspective in the global market?

Job market economy does not differ much in remuneration (in terms of currency valuation) but the right candidate is always a right candidate- the top 5-10 percentile is worthy of jobs anywhere in the world.

I have decided my Career pathway but I also have a passion for a different faculty.

Glad to hear that. A dual major should do the trick -as most progressive universities are very flexible to ensure building your proficiency to the best level in different areas.

What are the intake cycles of foreign universities?

Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall in an academic year. You can plan start of your program .

Is Gap year a bad Year ?

No. The top colleges always take their students w.r.t. their applied learning after your high school. A Gap year only indicates that you are working towards college readiness and investing for time in a holistic upgrade (ensure proving that you have worked hard in that period of time).

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