Design thinking approach to career

Our awfully mundane ways of approaching education has been tried, tested and now it’s time for a transformation! With a noticeable pattern seen in a severe drop in grades, it will not be wrong to say that our viewpoint towards education is in serious need of a makeover. In this competitive world where organizations are looking for creative and enthusiastic individuals, the education system lacks an innovative approach.

“Which career would suit me the best?” is one of the question amongst students that remains unanswered, until the decision is made for them rather than by them.

So, how do we solve this?

The answer is not that far out of reach, in fact, it’s right there in your head, hidden beneath years of conditioning and rote learning. Broaden your horizon. Adopt a holistic approach to learning or should I say design your thinking to make it wider and wiser.

Design thinking forces you to understand the problem in its entirety, look at it from every possible perspective, and then get creative with the solutions. It seeks to generate a holistic and empathetic understanding of the problems that people face. In the end, you come out with clearer concepts and a whole new perspective. This is the technique we are trying to imbibe in our students.

We as an organisation assign students the big task of thinking out of the box. Here at Qubic Learning institute, we have come up with something fun, innovative and exciting; that aids in helping students think, understand, remember different study modules indefinitely.

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