About Us

About Us

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Why Qubic

Qubic has an astonishing flexibility in learning which can be a boon for your growth. Here are a few reasons why you would want to be a part of Qubic ecosphere –

Why Qubic 1
  • Our teacher-students ratio is fewer than most in the industry and we also provide one-one guidance to our students.
  • We believe in the holistic development of students and thus, provide communication and personality coaching along with technical knowledge.
  • We also understand the role parents play in the development of children so we offer you special counselling so they can also be with you in your journey.
  • We also offer paid internships and financial support to our deserving students facing pecuniary challenges.

We prepare students for today’s competitive world through our specialized courses that offer coaching, performance tests, and career guidance.

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors come from reputed institutes like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), University of Waterloo (Canada), New York University (USA), Johns Hopkins University (DC, USA).

21st Century Fox, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Apple, GE, Morgan Stanley, SAP, GM, Ford, Deloitte, AFI, Motorolla, Disney are just a few of the companies that have hired our students.


Qubic has helped over 1000 students with 14 powerful courses and has a vision of preparing students to succeed in a global economy. We prepare students for today’s competitive world, and focus on paths which make them successful. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors and mentors bring the best out of students through their conviction and dedication.


Built upon the vision that education serves in improving the society and the global economy to build better futures for all, Our core values are:

  • Excellence – We endeavour for excellence in all our delivering services pursuits.
  • Student Focus – We are devoted to promoting the professional and personal development of the students and our fellow colleagues for college readiness and successful achievements.
  • Learning – Supporting a learning environment that continuously motivates the students to excel.
  • Partnership and Engagement – We commit to working in cooperation with excellent and productive partners with similar goals – K-12 education, University Teams, Corporate Organizations & Non-profit entities. The partners assist us in providing a holistic development approach for the students and colleagues.
  • Relationships – Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with different stakeholders-students, families, teachers, staff, and partners.

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